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Gone To Europe


For the next 5 weeks or so - Krakow, Zurich, Bruges [maybe], Copenhagen, small towns in the Alps and camp sites along the Orlich Gniazd route will be my homes, sometimes for a few days, and often for a night. My whole life will be lived from one backpack. Half the time I'll be on… Read More

The Vivobarefoot Bannister Shoes

vivobarefoot bannister shoes

This is not a full review. I did some searching online for what impressions others had with this Vivobarefoot shoe in real use.  I found only 1 and I'm not sure how much they really used the shoe, so this will be my attempt at providing my real world impressions. These are just my initial impressions… Read More

The Back Yard


This is an ongoing photo journal of a back yard. Photos will be added as time passes, with the oldest on top and newer photos at the bottom. The first photo was taken mid 2012 when a photographer came to take shots to be included in our Airbnb listing. In just 1 year the Palo… Read More

Brainless On Cherries And Pork Fat

Sometimes I get an idea to write about something, I jot down some notes, quick successions of thoughts and save the thing as a draft. Days, Weeks, Months, Years later I look through my draft posts. Most often I can't remember why I started them or what they even mean. This is one of those… Read More

Walking The Japanese Garden In Portland

japanese garden in oregon-7

Japanese gardens provide a means of achieving the peace of mind and clarity of thought. The garden is a miniature representation of the world; its elements include rocks, water, trees, buildings, gates and fences - all these elements are important, none more than the other. These elements are carefully  manicured - aesthetically pruned. A well… Read More

The 24/7 Job – On Being A Realtor

Nest Protect Review-4

As a preface, let me state that I was a full time Realtor for about 13 years.  Although I still am a Realtor, I don't need to be and my professions have changed somewhat. I'm still in the real estate business, but I'm more selective about the clients I take on. I guess that is… Read More