It’s fall and I’m working on our vegetable garden and a few other projects.

Rupik And Maya GIF’ed


I keep finding new functions and features on my Nexus 5 phone. The latest is an Auto Enhance function that greatest gifs automatically is certain parameters are met: 4-5 subsequent photos with a still back ground, auto back up turned on for photos and a link to your Google + account. Here are a few… Read More

Healthy Chicken Turnip Buckwheat Meatballs

buckwheat pulpety-3

In preparation for launching So Simple So Good, our new healthy culinary website, here is a taste of what you can expect to see there. Poolpety is a common name for minced meat dumplings, like small kebabs or meatballs, just flatter. I love making these. These little buggers are tasty, healthy, fairly light and so… Read More

Simple South West Salad

simple south west salad

Often when I'm hungry or need a snack I want to reach for chips, chocolate or something like that, but what I really need is healthier than the former and this easy salad hits the spot. This simple salad just reminds me of the South-west. It's just 4 ingredients plus salt and pepper. Roughly cut… Read More

Time To Move On

It's been confirmed, I don't belong in Phoenix - a dying, fake, unsustainable, hypocritical (politically) city - not even a real "city" though so many are working hard to make it so, against the grain. What's next?: Portland, Washington, somewhere in Slovenia, Krakow… Read More

Walking Zurich


The night was rough. Across the street someone was having a good time and the entire neighborhood, windows closed or not, had to participate until about 2am. The cement, brick and stone 4-6 story canyons were perfect for keeping and amplifying sound. About 3am a skirmish below got me to my feet and looking out… Read More