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Maya And The Storm


It’s the first serious storm of the monsoon season in 2014. We got a few more drops of rain and some thunder and a freaked out dog. Maya has been panting like crazy, drying herself out for over an hour so far, her tongue flailing about as drops of saliva fall below, her only respite is the need to drink more water.

The Sound Of Propellers And Feelings Of Peace

Tyniec in Poland

I love the sound of propeller driven aeroplanes, the kruki, birds chirping, and occasional car driving by in the distance, the hows of a cow, the sway of trees, the sway of wheat in a field it gives me peace, solace, a sense of being grounded – of the earth the place and space.

By Chance

Chance and luck plays a huge role in our lives. I don’t think we realize how much, in fact, those factors are a part of our ‘destiny’. Of course, I don’t mean to diminish the choices we make. It takes some street smarts and maybe some book smarts to realize an opportunity to be taken, luck to be taken advantage of. Luck and experience: the combination of those two play a big role in how our life progresses. But…I’m getting to deep here.

This is supposed to be about one photo.

Recently we had a good dinner with my uncle Janusz for his names day at Southern Rail. It is there I took a photo I’ve become very fond of. I took it with the phone not with the three thousand dollar full frame camera.

phoenix uptown-9

I was working on the Uptown Phoenix neighborhood page for inPhoenix.com at the time of this dinner: I wanted some interior photos and ones with people. Waiting for dinner I turned to the bar saw a nice grouping of people and shot a few photos with my phone.

The actions of the people, their grouping seems to be perfect. Everyone has an activity and the eye too, can wander from one group to another or jump to the guy a the register or the other making a drink.

The bright summer sun is blazing through the window: the cool colors clash with the warmth of incandescent chandelier and wood on the ceilings.

The difficult lighting turned out to be the photos savior with the addition of grain, that only adds to the moody atmosphere.

I rather enjoy looking at this photo, so much more than the hundreds of others I made for this project.